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Fighting with the winter ailments using homeopathy from colds, coughs & flu!

Most of us seem to be affected by these winter ailments of coughs, colds & flu while few with stronger constitution seem to sail through!

Flu is a viral infection that is most common during the winter months. It has a sudden onset of symptoms, which include fever, sore throat and muscle aches. This year is a bigger challenge as the UK face the second wave of Covid-19. Most people are worried, anxious and are trying to build their immunity to fight with these infections as we are in the middle of a pandemic.

It is a known fact that stress weakens your immunity and can reduce your ability to fight off winter illnesses. Therefore, we should look at those factors which can be changed, or ways to reduce stress, have a healthier life style and slowly build resistance.

Homeopathy remedies are safe to use and it has been shown that homeopathy is useful in treating upper respiratory tract infections, otitis media and sinusitis ( I would like to consider several homeopathic remedies and how they can help to combat winter colds and ills.

Less activity in the winter may also accompany feelings of sluggishness and procrastination. There tends to be an increase in feelings of depression during winter months which may result due to the decrease in exposure to sunlight.

Homeopathy recognizes these individual responses to depression and works to heal the source of pain and trauma, even if it began many years ago. There are no set rules because we are all individuals with our own unique personality traits, past history and physical, emotional and mental qualities. Homeopathy truly treats your entire being because it takes all these personal characteristics 'that make you' into consideration. If you are already feeling ill, homeopathy can shorten the duration of your illness and help to prevent it from returning. It works to strengthen your entire system.

Following is a list of remedies used in acute cases of colds and flu, although making an appointment with a registered Homeopath is very useful as it helps to build overall constitution.


This medicine is useful at the first signs of colds and earache that comes on quickly after being out in cold winds. One feels shivering, restless, anxious and weak.


Probably the best remedy for ‘gastric flu’ or food poisoning with continuous vomiting and diarrhoea calls for this invaluable remedy Arsenicum album. The patient feels worse between midnight and two o’clock in the morning and tends to have a fever with restlessness followed by chills. The patient is thirsty for small sips of water.


Use this medicine for colds or influenza with a high temperature, earache, feel as though you are burning up, redness of the face, neck or ears.


This is a useful remedy for dry sore throats, dry coughs and colds when every movement hurts and one lies still. The patient is thirsty for large quantities of water.


Another extremely useful remedy in influenza where there are a severe ache involving all the bones of the skeleton-arms, legs, shoulder, back, hips and particularly the shin bones. There is intense restlessness and the patient often says that he feels as if the bones were broken. Patients needing this remedy are chilly, feeling cold and shivery but paradoxically tend to be very thirsty for ice-cold drinks.


This medicine is excellent for flu-like symptoms with shivering, aching joints, sneezing, runny nose, dull heavy feeling and sensations of trembling inside. The patient looks bleary-eyed and sleepy, with heavy, drooping eyelids being a keynote of Gelsemium. This remedy is particularly useful where tiredness lingers after influenza, or a similar viral infection.

This remedy is also useful in treating distressing headaches where patient describes as if a very tight elastic band has been put around their head. Whilst Aconite suits patients who feel hot and burning, other patients who experience shivers and chills, accompanied by deprivation of sleep will do well with gelsemium. This remedy is one of the best remedies where patient is suffering from adrenal fatigue and helps to balance the system.


A medicine for coughs and colds with thick yellowy catarrh and the patient feels vulnerable and a bit weepy. The symptoms of cough/cold are better in open fresh air calls for this remedy.


This medicine is very useful for stiff, aching, painful joints worse in the morning and worse in cold weather. You feel better after moving about.

Homeopathic remedies can help to alleviate some of the debilitating effects of these viruses and help a patient to feel more comfortable and, in their own way, help to return the sufferer to optimum health.

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