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I am deeply passionate about wellbeing and healing as my own journey with homeopathy helped my family members, friends and many patients who have been benefitted with homeopathy to attain optimum health.

Healing is a very personal process; nevertheless each one of us is going through some sort of journey and has patches that need to be touched, caressed and healed. This may be emotional or physical, related with a trauma, accident or some kind of grief. Healing is important because living with traumas and suffering can manifest into illness, disease or even characteristics such as anxiety and anger. We were born to be strong and healthy but various circumstances/traumas/grief cause us to slip in a groove of illness. Specific Homeopathy remedies help you to move out of that groove. Together we journey through homeopathic remedies to unleash, unravel and unwind anything unwanted that is trapped within us.

My own journey with Homeopathy started in 2003, when my son Pranav was born. I remember vividly when he was only 2 months old and he cried for hours with colic pain. Next day my sister-in-law Shraddha visited us along with her 1 year old boy. In the evening Pranav started crying again with colic pain and I carried him in my arms and walked up and down the corridor with no respite. Shraddha kindly suggested that she had a homeopathic remedy for colic and she could give this to my son if I was happy for this to be administered. Honestly, I was sceptical about these pills to be given to a baby!

I could not refuse due to formality and she put 4 pills in his mouth and he released wind and emptied his bowels within few minutes and fell asleep. I could not believe this as a child who was in clear distress for hours, suddenly released all what was bothering him and fell asleep. This was my first experience with homeopathy as a parent and this did not stop here and fortunately for us it helped to relieve symptoms of many ailments including teething problems, hay fever, flu, asthma etc.

During this period, I am most indebted to Mr Poddar, our family friend in Delhi who kindly listened to all his symptoms every time and prescribed a remedy which was specific to that ailment at that time. No words can express the fathomless gratitude that I have for all his help.

I remember the night when every hour, Pranav vomited. By the morning we were exhausted and rang up our Surgery. We were told by the GP to keep giving him fluids, electrolytes and that if the vomiting did not stop by the evening, we should take him to the hospital. I rang up Mr Poddar and he prescribed that I should give Pranav 4 pills of the remedy ‘Ipecac’. Within one dose of taking the remedy, Pranav stopped vomiting and I repeated the remedy 2-3 times on that day just to make sure it did not happen again. How could just 4 pills stop the vomiting attacks which were happening on an hourly basis? I told this to my brother, Dr Sudhanshu Bankata who is a medical Doctor and he said it was just a coincidence!

I was intrigued why this remedy helped and searched on internet about Ipecac and noticed that Ipecac is an emetic i.e., it induces vomiting. Hence, according to the principle of homeopathy, ‘Like cures like’ in small amount it will cure a person who is vomiting continuously or in other words can allay the “similar” suffering.

I also read that in the UK there was a disbelief that homeopathy works due to the placebo effect. I had seen enough instances with my little child who had no idea of the placebo effect and got better purely due to homeopathic remedies. There were times that he had high fever and in spite of giving neurofen syrup/paraectamol syrup every 4/6 hourly as advised by the GP, his fever would respond better to Belladonna. Definitely all these could not be mere coincidences!

Before the arrival of my son, I was in Scientific research at UCL for 7 years and worked on ‘Mechanisms underlying AIDS Dementia’ in the Department of Physiology. I was convinced there was something more than placebo and I decided to take a career break and embark on the advanced course on Homeopathy.

There is no stopping since then and this is my gift, my strength and light. Sometimes life takes you through rough patches but there is often a light at the end of the tunnel. I sincerely wish you a content, peaceful, happy, healthy and fruitful life.

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